WSTRN Knock Adele Off The No.1 Spot

West London Hip Hop trio WSTRN have made their way to the top of the midweek listings. Taking the number one spot is a large accomplishment, but WSTRN’s chart success is particularly noteworthy as they knocked Adele of the number one spot. Something a lot of people would have considered impossible, so soon after the sudden release of her new song ‘Hello‘.

WSTRN’s success comes after the release of their very addictive debut track ‘In2‘. The trio – Akelle Charles, Haile and Louis Rei – are signed to Atlantic Records, and are being managed by Jonathan Shalit, who took N-Dubz to mainstream fame.


Louis commented on their chart success saying “I am lost for words for beating Adele for one day or even being in the same company as her. She is such a power and a force.”

WSTRN have racked up more than 2.5 million views on YouTube for their debut single, and have achieved a large amount of radio play.