Watch the trailer for ‘I’m Not Your Negro’ documentary narrated by Samuel L Jackson

It doesn’t take a brain surgeon to figure out that America has been going through some tumultuous times of late.

The turbulence America is currently experiencing is something which has plagued the nation for something close to 300 years now. Race relations have always been a sticking point and the well informed amongst us have always been aware of it.

However many people naively believe that the abhorrent treatment of black Americans is some sort of modern phenomenon, thanks to camera phones and social media bringing this age old plight right to the forefront.

This latest movie by iconic American novelist James Arthur Baldwin, called I Am Not Your Negro (which is narrated by none other than Mr Samuel L Jackson), looks set to educate its viewers on the long struggle that black America have had to endure in order to not just get equal rights, but to be acknowledged as Human Beings.

In times like this, films that offer audiences escapism through education is certainly what we need. The film is out on February 3rd and is most definitely not one to miss.