STORMZY Cosigned Petition Forces Parliament To Debate Grenfell

Parliament have been left with no option but to consider inquiry action, after Rapper Stormzy tweeted the link urging fans to sign and support.

Since the South London rapper took to twitter to share the petition, in just under two days the it had reached almost 100,000 signatures. This was after the rapper took the stage at the Brit awards to call out the UK government and Theresa May in particular, stating, “Like yo Theresa May where’s the money for Grenfell? What you thought we just forgot about Grenfell?”

With the petition surpassing the original goal and gaining over a whooping 100,000 signatures, Stormy took to twitter to thank all his fans,saying, “Beautiful, legendary people. Job done.”

Another supporter of the petition was Labour MP for Kensington Emma Dent, who wrote, “We’ve done it. We will get justice for Grenfell. No justice, no peace.”

Although MP’s are not always obliged to debate petitions,those which 100,000 signatures are in most cases always debated.

Essence Madziwa