Dot Inc

Talented London based production duo, DotInc consist of wizkid producer/engineering all-rounder, LeeGuy, and creative composer, singer, songwriter and producer, Dominic Husbands. Crossing paths at Hertfordshire University, they worked as singer and producer on a track for Leeguy’s second year project. A friendship was born as their roles revealed themselves; Dominic’s not as an artist, but a producer/composer.

Between their second and third years studying, the duo worked on tracks together, forming an instant partnership with ‘Nuin 2 do’ featuring Novo and Jelisa Shanel. Lab work started and they refined their chemistry as they worked on their university projects, particularly LeeGuy’s major final project where they collaborated with Cherelle King, Mich Brown, Leanne Robinson, Novo and Enrico Delves.

DotInc are more than just producers; they compose, soundscape, song write, mix and master – all in house. DotInc not only produce and compose commercially, but for media, films and adverts as well. Their most recent project was the Chris Essence Soundtrack for his advertisement video and they’re currently working with the beautiful upcoming singer/songwriter Jelisa Shanel and her ‘Defying Gravity’ mixtape.